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Migrating from DSM to EPM...

Migrating from DSM to SCCM...

Migrating from DSM to EMPIRUM...

No matter which way you choose, migrating has never been so easy and fast!


Migrating from DSM is a huge challenge. Moving a multi-application environment that has grown over the years to a different system is not an easy task... until now! Just take your DSM packages with you and continue using them.


  • No repackaging of old packages
  • Migration made easy - use your DSM packages
  • Retain "per user" functionality
  • Easy export and import of applications

Free analysis of your DSM packages

Request a free analysis and find out how IDERI move can save you a lot of time and money.


Software ex-/import


Package export

Export your existing software packages from DSM with just a few clicks and simply continue to use them in Microsoft SCCM, Ivanti EPM, Matrix42 Empirum...


Package import

With the IDERI move Import Wizard it is almost as easy to migrate the software packages as the export from DSM. Select package, check settings, ready!

Different environments - One package

IDERI move allows you to use one package for both environments.


Migration means moving the existing environment. At the same time, operation for both environments must be kept up-to-date throughout the migration phase.

IDERI move eliminates the need of double packaging.

Maintain familiar functions

Among other things, IDERI move complements your SCCM environment with the following skills known from DSM:

  • Support of user and machine part out of a script
  • Repair / Reinstall of installed packages
  • Automated logging of all installations in the well-known LogFile format
  • Special support of terminal servers

Request an offer

Request your personal offer free of charge and get more information about IDERI move.

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