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IDERI move

What is IDERI move?

IDERI move enables the execution of ivanti DSM (Desktop and Server Management) packages under ivanti EPM, Microsoft SCCM or Matrix42 Empirum.

Contact us - we will gladly explain the benefits of using IDERI move.

For whom is IDERI move suitable?

IDERI move is suitable especially for customers who already use ivanti DSM and want to migrate to ivanti EPM, Microsoft SCCM or Matrix42 Empirum. It allows easy adoption of existing software packages from DSM. This eliminates the need for a complete rebuild of all existing packages.

Contact us - we will gladly explain you the benefits of using IDERI move.

Does IDERI move support the separation of user and machine parts known from DSM?

Yes. With IDERI move you can benefit from extended functions, for example the Traveling User Support (TUS) feature known from DSM.

Contact us - we will show you how IDERI move can expand your environment.

How does the migration from DSM work through IDERI move?

IDERI move consists of several modules. These offer the possibility to provide DSM packages in EPM/SCCM/Empirum. Amongst other this it offers the possibility to

- automate package export from DSM,
- provide these packages in the new environment,
- to run packages on the clients.

This includes i.a.

- the automatic separation of user and machine part,
- the logging of an installation,
- the ability to reinstall or repair packages,
- etc.

Contact us - we will show you in a demo how IDERI move can be implemented in your environement.

Does IDERI move support Terminal Server?


Contact us – we will show you how IDERI move makes SCCM capable of terminal servers.

Does IDERI move also support migration from DSM to ivanti EPM?

Yes. IDERI move supports migration to all solutions that, like SCCM, only have the ability to perform an execute (only the ability to initiate something).

This applies to a migration from DSM to ivanti EPM (LANDesk) or for example a migration to Quest KACE and others.

Contact us - we will assist you in choosing your future solution.

Can IDERI move also be used after the migration?

IDERI move consists of four modules. Two of these modules come with the IDERI packaging suite. The IDERI packagingSuite was originally intended for self-sufficient use with SCCM and thus enables/extends the packaging for SCCM - just as it is known from DSM.

For post-migration operation, meaning the possibility of packaging (without a DSM environment) IDERI packaging suite is intended.

Contact us! We are happy to answer your questions in a telephone call or arrange a remote or on-site appointment.

Can IDERI move also be obtained through partners?


Contact us, if you are looking for a partner or want to become a partner.

SCCM Training people moving from DSM

There are many trainings for SCCM. The problem of a "standard training" is that the lecturer mostly does not know DSM and therefore does not know the typical thinking of DSM administrators. Not only do we offer trainings for IDERI move, but also trainings for people switching from DSM to SCCM.

Contact us to find out more about our trainings.

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